KrimnThe Krimn Empire is a powerful race of diplomatic, but extremely defensive cyborgs, who are in possession of a powerful superweapon. They have only recently joined the Alliance of Order.


The Krimn were a peaceful race of cyborgs lving on their home planet, Krimnar. They lived 5,000,000 years before the Squin, even before the present-day Grox. They were the most friendly and charming race in the omniverse (personality-wise), and even allied the ancestors of the Grox! But one fateful day came, when a giant, squid-like warship over 2 kilometers long, a Reaper, attacked Krimnar, followed by an endless army of more. These starships cleansed the omniverse of sentient life every 5,000,000 years, then retreating into dark space, waiting for the next time. The Reapers ensalved the Krimn, and dragged them with them into dark space.


5,000,000 years later, a group of Krimn who were free from Reaper control had made their way into the omniverse, and tried to warn the races of the omniverse of the impending Reaper threat, but before they could, the Reaper vanguard Aggression cut off all communications between the Krimn and the outside world. 4 months later, the Krimn finally contacted the Squin, and they joined the Alliance Of Order, and not a minute to soon... And after a long, grueling war, the Reapers were destroyed, save but one peaceful Reaper named Pacific. The Reaper-controlled Krimn were freed, and the omniverse was saved from the Reaper threat. A parade was aired on the newly-rebuilt mechanical version of Krimnar, in honor of their triumph over the Reapers.

Modern LifeEdit

The Krimn are now dwindling in population. Though they are still in the Alliance Of Order, so they may have hope for survival. They are currently under rule of the Squin empire, being leaderless.

Meson NeutralizerEdit

The Meson Neutralizer is the Krimn's trademark weapon. It takes the appearance of a black cylinder with four prongs at the front. The projectile it fires resembles a beam of purple light. How the device works is it fires a stream of concentrated magnetism, which cut off connection between atoms and mesons, causing the target's atoms to simply scatter away, or... in layman's terms, anything shot by it stops existing.