The Forgotten War is a war that began in a far-away region of space known as the Najaar Supercluster, approximatively 1000 years after the destruction of the OCAJP, the Rycarna Alliance and the Exilist Order of Perfection destroyed each other. According to a historical record closely guarded by the Holy Sect and told of in oral tradition, it spanned at least a hundred galaxies and lasted thousands of years. It involves three factions, each with countless planet-states and city-states on their side, except the last: The Resistance, including the Alcian and Jongort Empires, the Infected, including the Mushroom Pikmin and Hera'Zox Empires, and the Thyna Empire.

The BeginningEdit


Following Te'Tzaan's final directives to the United Fleet Of Space Pirates before his death to wipe the universe clean of empires, only six survived before their defeat: Those in the war and the Shami Empire. The Mushroom Pikmin, Jongort and Hera'Zox Empires went to the Gula Galaxy for refuge, while the Alcians, native to the galaxy where they lived, the Azure Galaxy, had just begun their expansion after the passing of the United Fleet Of Space Pirates. As for the Shami and the Thyna, they were simply at the other end of the supercluster, and the United Fleet Of Space Pirates didn't yet reach them.

The Forgotten Cold WarEdit

At the peak of their expansion in these two galaxies, the Gula Galaxy was largely controlled by the Mushroom Pikmin Empire with small portions of Jongort and Hera'Zox settlement, while the Alcians owned the larger part of the Azure Galaxy with the Jongort, their allies, having a part of it. When the Mushroom Pikmin infected the Hera'Zox, the Jongorts asked the Alcians for protection from the Mushroom Pikmin. Fortunately, the Alcians are in the Exiled Oneness, which allows for immunity to the Mushroom Pikmin mushrooms, so they connected the Jongort into it as well. Angered by this, the Hera'Zox conquered Jongort territory in the Gula Galaxy, triggering the Forgotten War.

Enter The ThynaEdit

The war would last for at least 14000 years until the Thyna arrived. In this space of time, the entire Najaar supercluster was colonised, and extremely large-scale recruitment programs began to recruit planet-states and city-states on each side, even outside the supercluster, eventually leading to the war's expansion to many other galaxies outside of the supercluster. The Thyna had come because by then, the United Fleet Of Space Pirates had seemingly become stronger, and they needed to evacuate before being fully destroyed, even though the Shami eventually destroyed the Fleet. They met up with a group of Xenros mercenaries, who told them of what's been going on in this part of the universe. By then, even the Thyna's advanced technology would be no match for the technology of both factions, so the Thyna began a campaign to unite the Xenros mercenaries to trick both sides into civil war to end the quarreling.

Once they all came together, the Thyna ordered their ships to attack both sides, and then lead them to their allies or recruited planet-states or city-states to then make swift moves to make the ships miss and hit each other. The ploy worked, and as a secondary and unexpected result, the Alcians contacted the Final Swarm via Exiled Oneness to make them kill the Jongort via Exiled Oneness, as only the Final Swarm has such an ability at this time. Once that was done, the Alcians began research on a cure for the Mushroom Pikmin mushrooms, which they were previously unable to do, what with the war draining out their funds, leaving little to no money for research. Meanwhile, the Mushroom Pikmin and the Mushroom Hera'Zox Empires underwent rebellions due to failiure from the governments to co-operate with one another, and also because of a lack of financial stability, but the alliance between the two was eventually restored along with their economy, just in time for the Alcians to find a cure and cure both species. For the Mushroom Pikmin, though, the cure was fatal, and they all died out.

For all their hard work, the Xenros mercenaries were allowed to salvage the remains of the fallen Jongort and Mushroom Pikmin Empires, being the pirates that they are. The Alcians then connected the Hera'Zox and Thyna Empires into the Exiled Oneness just in case, and the three empires formed the Genesis Alliance, abandonned the large amounts of territory they occupied during the war and retreated to the Gula and Azure Galaxies to give room for the tribe-states, unaffected in the war, to become prosperous empires one day.  The Genesis Alliance would go on to last about a dozen million years, monitoring the restoration of life to the galaxies of the universe until eventually getting discovered and destroyed by the Quee Empire, kickstarting their nasty reputation.  Nevertheless, there are still archeological records of tribes who saw the members of the Genesis Alliance.  They usually describe the Alcians as sun people, the Thyna as moon serpents, and the Hera'Zox as otherwordly beings with opinions on them differring from tribe to tribe, sometimes described as being good luck, sometimes described as being nefarious demons.