The flag of the Exiled Hive.

The Exiled Hive was a powerful empire composed of 2 species: the Exiled Zealots and the Exiled Flesh, which together, form a society similar to the Zerg (the Zerg are copyrighted under Blizzard Entertainment. No copyright infringment is intended). They were created by the Exiled One, and they worship him, which is quite obvious, seeing the four Great Priests have transformed themselves to Exiled Zealots. They have almost gone extinct on many reprises due to the actions of the Shami.

Ancient HistoryEdit

Below is the information on the Exiled Hive prior to the revolution of the Exiled Flesh, which formed the Exiled Mass, as most records of the Exiled Mass' history during that period was destroyed during it's collapse.

The BeginningEdit

The Exiled One created the Exiled Hive by sending magical infrared waves to a planet he called Ex Ruby. The infrared waves made whatever was affected by them red or a similar color, giving the planet Ex Ruby a red appearance, but the magical waves also gifted it with intelligence. With it, Ex Ruby shaped the evolution of the Exiled Zealots in a matter of days, and within a week, the Exiled Zealots themselves.


A photo of an Exiled Flesh tribe.

However, unknowingly to the Exiled One, the magical infrared waves, soon emitted by Ex Ruby, reached another planet through wormhole: Urionuel. While the planet didn't gain sapience, it's waters became red and it's land became orange, and some photosynthesizing lifeforms got highly affected. In addition to some mutations, the species eventually developped intelligence and the ability to change shape, and became the Exiled Flesh.

The Exiled Flesh were not known of until Ara was sent to Ex Ruby by the Exiled One, but made a wrong turn and ended up at Urionuel. The god then redirected Ara to Ex Ruby, and the Exiled One held a discussion with the Exiled Flesh. The outcome would be the plans to eventually begin the Exiled Hive.

Conflicts With The ShamiEdit


A picture of some Exiled Zealot Swarmers attacking. Judging by the amount of hatred, they're attacking a Shami colony.

Later on, the Shami saw the Exiled Hive to be evil, and soon, a rivalry sparked into a cold war, and eventually, a war. Ex Ruby was soon destroyed, and due to the infrared wave-based hierarchy, the empire was doomed to anarchy, but Zircon, who was transformed into an Exiled Zealot by then, managed to continue Hive on the planet Challère, which became the new Exiled Hive homeworld.

But it wouldn't last. Anarchy struck again when a Shami executor sacrificed himself and his ship to destroy Challère. While the royal couple escaped, there were heavy losses, but the Hive managed to survive and rebuild itself across many galaxies, becoming stronger than ever, obtaining a population high enough to systematically produce many unimind gods, helping to defend the Hive from the Shami menace. But when one of these gods kidnapped the queen of the Daeon Templar Shami, his Exiled One powers mixed with the Xel'Naga (the Xel'Naga are copyrighted under Blizzard Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended) powers of the queen, both in the god and a baby the queen gave birth to before dying. The baby, who was named Imriath, would be raised by the god who kidnapped her biological mother...

Post-Revolution Exiled ZealotsEdit

While trying to escape the infrared control of the Exiled Flesh, a small swarm of Exiled Zealots landed on a planet with nuclear radiation. This would be Ak, the most ecologically and culturally diverse planet in the entire roleplay. The swarm would find a small group of nuclear survivors, and would teach them the Exilist religion. Once an Exiled Templar came to investigate, he would eventually become the entirety of his group, and restored the mutants by removing the radioactivity from their genes. After a series of other events on Ak, the Exiled Templar was killed, and some transformed natives became the Final Swarm, a group of powerful Exiled Zealots unable to reproduce due to a lack of females. They would shape almost all the rest of the history of the Exiled Hive.

50 Million Years LaterEdit

The Hive Of HivesEdit

The Allied Hive had made three time capsules on the planet Demius before the war between the Rycarna Alliance and the Exilist Order Of Perfection. 50 million years afterwards, several species awoke to gain knowledge through mind-affecting statues of Exilist religious figures. The Exiled Zealots and Exiled Flesh rose to dominance, and the Hive Of Hives was born. However, it was short-lived, as a few decades later, an excavation site revealed that the Demoids and Dzzitians of the empire were actually the ancestors of the Demoids and Dzzitians who originally called Demius their homeworld. They also found out that the Mothrai had attacked them, and mass controversy occurred. In the end, the Demoid, Dzzitian and Rusta'metalous species had defeated the others in the empire, which they subsequently killed. And so, the Demoid Tri-Species Empire was born, only to defect to two medieval-era city-states due to an ancient cult.

The New Exiled HiveEdit

A few hundred years later, the other time capsules opened, and the Final Swarm gave up their powers to create a female, which would become the Queen of the Exiled Hive today. They went to the planet Ak, now entirely made of Exiled Flesh, and deported or killed it's inhabitants. The Yuut-Rana-Lina-Ek had already fled to a planet they named New Ak using Captain Sparks' ship, which they stole and that Turzel, the Accomplice, later returned. As for the Xera-Rana-Lina-Ek, they were sent either to a planet in Exiled Hive territory via Secondary Form 9 Exiled Flesh individuals, or to Demius via Secondary Form 9 Exiled Flesh individuals, as that empire welcomes members of any species. They were greeted by the Cult Of The Perfect Ones, but that's another story.

Anyway, the current Exiled Hive has been destroyed, giving rise to the Free Hive Of Tzèoqàtl.



Exiled Zealot

A naked Exiled Zealot.

Exiled Zealots have many interesting features. For example, they have wings that may seem to be weak, but can help their user fly freely, even in the vacuum of space. In addition, they have large, pincer-like hands used to impale, grab or decapitate the foe, but those hands are not used to hold and utilise objects. For that, Exiled Zealots have a smaller pair of hands under their larger hands. Despite only having three digits, one being atrophied, these are very useful when manipulating objects. Being insectoids, they have a tough exoskeleton, and last, but not least, Exiled Zealots have specialised eyes that can rotate and shift into different vision spectrums somehow stored in their smaller eyes. There are only 3 spectrums visible by the Exiled Zealots, and they are normal vision, heat vision and X-ray vision.
Exiled Flesh

A naked Exiled Flesh.

As for Exiled Flesh, that's an entirely different story. They have no mouth, many small tendrils, four eyes, including one central eye, and six reptilian legs. They have almost no organs, except for a massive expanse of muscle and a photosynthetic digesive system. When in different forms, they lose all traces of their three other eyes, the tendrils disappear, and the six legs become small tendrils.


The Exiled Hive worships the Exiled One. In fact, their purpose once was to supply the Exiled One with enough power for him to keep his most treasured creation alive past the end of the Omniverse. The Exiled Hive uses a special DNA mixture injected by a special form of Exiled Flesh to transform their prisoners, which are usually those who oppose or refuse to learn the teachings of the Exiled One, into Exiled Zealots, complete with an appreciation of the Exiled One and a will to work for the Hive. Unfortunately, the Shami are immune to this, making the Exiled Hive once believe that they are demons, as they worship the Xel'Naga (the Xel'Naga are copyrighted under Blizzard Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended), their creators. 50 million years later, they befriended the Shami and the Xel'Naga faith.



A Duke, a leader of an average swarm, getting attacked by a Shami Warrior. The Shami died later due to the rest of the swarm.

The Exiled Hive's military isn't that diverse, as they believe that technology is evil, and that biological replacements of it are much stronger. Their military is composed almost entirely of swarms of Exiled Zealots, acting like fleets, only they're just soldiers. The rest of the military has some secondary forms of Exiled Flesh. However, the Exiled Zealots had a few superweapons regrettably made of metal, but the Shami and the Gemsters destroyed them. Now, the Exiled Hive has no metallic technology whatsoever.



Zircon, one of the Great Priests, with his wife, trying to avoid his alternative fate. This photo was taken on their wedding.

Previously, the Exiled Hive was a monarchy ruled by a queen and a king, with each colonised planet being ruled by a princess and a prince, and each hive being ruled by a dutchess and a duke, all of which are Exiled Zealots. But now, since the four Great Priests have become Exiled Zealots, they have all become kings, each with a queen. Now, the Exiled Hive is the same as before, but has become an oligarchy, being ruled by four royal couples. The Exiled Hive has thus become the first empire in the entire roleplay to be an oligarchy, but it has since returned to it's original monarchist system, with the 4 oligarchial couples fleeing into a mysterious temple of the sacred planet Ex II before the Apocalyptic War, never to be seen again.