"Wrong answer." ~Squaven
"You'll look good over my mantlepiece..." ~Squaven
Squaven was the dictator of the Squin Empire . He was ruling for hundreds of years with an iron fist (or in this case, iron claw) , but was actually a very good leader and military strategist.



Before the tyranny beganEdit

Before he became dictator, he was a rebel who was opposed to the dictator in the civilization stage. He lead a rebellion on a Friday the 13th, but failed and was imprisoned. To this day, Squaven hates Friday the 13th for that reason. A while later, another rebel who was his future assistant and co-dictator, known only as the Pie Guy , broke him out of prison. Squaven then went on to kill the dictator and became the dictator.

Technological advancementsEdit

Squaven developed the blue prints for aircraft and eventually, spacecraft. At that time, aircraft had not been invented anywhere else and caused a total shock to the enemy nations, and resulted in their defeat. The day the Squin conquered the last nation is known as Unity Day .


Recently, he has gone insane due to a condition that occurs in all Squin, if they live long enough. It is a sign of near-death for a Squin . The Squin have plans to put his son in his place when he dies. He has now moved into a retirement home to rest out his final days, he has put the pie guy in leadership of the empire for a short time.