Sharanoir is the main deity of the Malai-Nu , he was trapped within a pocket dimension roughly 500 million years prior his escape and created the Malai-Nu as a 'pet project' during his recovery.

His servant Reva is one of Sharanoir's most trusted servants, however her actual form is unknown as her body seems to fully consist of Sharanoir's magical energy.


He appears as a humanoid cloaked entirely in smoke with only his eyes and smug grin glowing through in an orange tint. Sharanoir generally dislikes bordom and will do nearly anything to amuse himself, including starting galaxy destroying wars over cakes.

While he has matured somewhat from the time of the cake incident he is still as snarky and sarcastic as ever and will often cause trouble for others in the name of amusement. He seems to particularlly dislike being looked down upon or having his amassed power insulted as it often triggers a violent response suitable of a god of destruction. While he only cares for entertainment he has developed an attachment to the Malai-Nu seeing them as his belonging. He only communicates to the Malai-Nu via his chosen 'Enlightened Sovereign' which is his way of showing favouriteism among the species he created. In comparison to Tekoguu; Sharanoir is more of a wildcard, doing most things on a basic whim.


Sharanoir spent 500 million years within a sealed dimension created by Tekoguu , spending his time researching, recovering and creating the world of Shara (Which the Malai-Nu later named him after). After finally escaping in an overkill fashion he was quickly discovered by Tekoguu , The Source and Nefaru in the Enlightened Sovereigns palace where they simply talked and established he is not a threat yet.


  • His words imply he is older than Tekoguu
  • His true form in unknown.
  • He has know Tekoguu a long time, they seem to have a love hate relationship/rivalry.
  • He often calls Tekoguu "Little brother" or "squirt" implying some close connection to him.
  • Can speak fluent Forbidden tongue
  • His old name is unknown