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A Romorph. They can shapeshift in water or when wet.

Some of the most interesting creatures ever known, they are sometimes called Ibrs' Fetish because of Ibrs' especially deep interest in them. However, Ibrs killed everyone in existance known to have said that.


Romorphs are pink and can change shape with their slimy muscles and skin able to change into many shapes. The only thing about them that can't change is their head, and this ability only works underwater or when wet. They grow four shells that act as molds covering their feet. This is to keep the feet as one to minimize falling down as much as possible.

A Famous RomorphEdit

Ibrs once used a laboratory-hatched Romorph to cure Han Zeek of a hypno leech for the second time. It became evil because of this, but only briefly. Druing that time, Ibrs attempted shooting the baby, but it's highly digestive body absorbed it's powers, and would soon be raised into a Romorph with electric abilities.