An Oracan.

The Oracan were a race of Zealots from the Andromeda II Galaxy.  Their homeworld was the planet Oraco, after which they were named.


They originated as part of an ancient species that was once in the Shaman Kingdom.  At the time, the galaxy was named the Orakia Galaxy, inspiring the name of the planet they colonised, which was the member species' only extragalactic colony.  While it was still up and running, the planet Oraco was terraformed to T3 to promote self-sufficiency, although there were other members of the Shaman Kingdom near them.

Then, when the Kingdom collapsed, the people began to hate Shamanism, as it was what brought them in their near-total state of isolation, instead adopting Zealotism.  To stay alive among the various warring factions, they ruthlessly defeated some empires near them, until their reputation was solid enough to be left alone.  Also, they evolved seperately from the rest of their race back in the Andromeda Galaxy into the species that they now were.

When the Andromeda II Galaxy was almost entirely destroyed by Quantum Bombs, a small group of Oracan fled to a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant, which happened to be the same gas giant Glaxon was now orbiting. When Squaven took power and formed the Squin Hive, they were exterminated, but some survived and escaped with what they could still use, becoming nomads, researching the Squin in the hopes of discovering a way to destroy their empire.