Kr0d3 was a Starmade that piloted Unit Bronze.



History Edit

Kr0d3, once known as SM-0834, was a Starmade created by the Star Foundry, a massive space station famous for being one of the reasons the Holy Tekoist Superempire was able to rise to power on a universal level. He served as a soldier in the war against the Squin, but unfortunately, over the waste covered planet of Nova Prime, a Squin Fleet ambushed the Starmade and defeated them. Kr0d3 was the only survivor and survived falling from orbit onto the planet's surface, but he did not survive unscathed.

He became insane and sadistic. He blamed the Tekoists for causing the events that led to him being stranded and he created a workshop on the planet. Day and Night he worked, creating worker droids to try and scavenge enough material to build a spaceship, but one day he found something extraordinary. The creature that would come to be known as Unit Bronze, stuck under a massive mountain of scrap.

Kr0d3 had a new plan. Use the creature to get off this planet and have his revenge. Using his worker droids, he created armor for the massive creature and added weapons to it including blades, Buzzsaws, compartments for the Worker Droids and even a working laser device. Once Bronze was completed, he left the planet to begin his killing spree.

In his spree he destroyed a space station, several colonies and entire fleets. The rampage ended however when Bronze was captured by the THS. Kr0d3 escaped from the Prison he was placed in thanks to a virus he had inadvertently created from loose coding known as Alter. Kr0d3 managed to spread the Alter Virus to the Star Foundry before he was killed by SM-099 on Nova Prime.

Although he was a murderous psychopath that had killed millions of Jaylot, it should be noted that he ultimately made the HTS stronger by providing them with another Amioun and making the Starmade more powerful.