The Jaylot are a highly spiritual and ancient race that originally came from Andromeda. They are one of the few known races able to use magic.


They joined the A.O.O when the Jongort persuaded them to.  Relations grew when they summoned the God That Will Come to defeat Spode, and soared when the Jaylot Queen became the mother of Squaven II.  At a different point in both Omniverses, their empire was Divided into 2 Empires of the Same name. One Ruled by the Jaylot Queen and the Other Ruled by Uberita Jikalta and the Spodumist Jaylot Party.

After AwakenmentEdit

50 million years later, they awoke, and engaged in a war against the Glaxar Squin, the Harco and the Grox alongside the ancient Squin Empire, which survived in isolation thanks to their god, Xanea.  After the two empires won, they entered a cold war, which culminated to the launching of Quantum Bombs between empires, destroying their galaxy and leaving only a field of distorted space-time. The only survivors were about a half of the Zoratheist Orcelio Empire.  The other half of them that managed to escape colonised the Bode's Galaxy, sharing a half of territory with the Valtrok by colonising planets in Valtrok space.  These colonies would later secede to form the Zealotic Orcelio Dominion. The Jaylots, along with the Harco, the Oracan and a large group of artificially-created and artificially-grown Squin genetic modifications escaped to the Andromeda III Galaxy. Jayken II, the Jaylot king, decided to adopt a Dzeerazza style government in order to rebuild and secure his empire. Unfortunately this meant that the government now oppressed and arrested everyone who decided to stay shamanist, because the Dzeerazza ideology was anti-religion. Tekoguu, a mysterious god, showed himself to a Jaylot named Ezvadi and told him to gather followers, found the new religion Tekoism, and overthrow the Dzeerzza government. With Tekoguu's help, they did just that and forced Jayken II to reform his empire into the Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire.

Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire Edit

After the Tekoists took charge, they began preparing against the huge Squin threat. The new Squin Hive in Andromeda III was known for being extremely expansionist and xenophobic, and were also said to have extremely advanced technology. It wasn't too long bef

Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire Flag

The flag of the Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire

ore the Squin declared their intentions to conquer their entire galaxy in their quest to eventually conquer all that exists, including every universe and dimension. The conquest began, and thus started the Great War of Andromeda when they invaded the TJHE. At first the Squin forces made short work of the inferior Jaylot forced and soon pushed all the way to Jaylotia, the Jaylot homeworld, where they nearly forced them into complete surrender. They were saved just in time when Tekoguu himself appear to deal with the Squin blockade, which included a Oblivion Class Battle Station, which is the size of a planet. Because the Squin sent most of their fleet to ensure what they believed would be their final victory over the Jaylot, they ended up losing most of it when Tekoguu decided to intervene. This now left the Squin forced extremely vulnerable, and the Jaylot managed to push back and reclaim their land before pushing into Squin territory. Squald, who had been revived by the Hive, escaped to join Oracan nomads and later the TJHE due to his disgust with Xanea for abandoning the Squin. When TJHE forced arrived on Glaxon with Squald, Xanea appeared and revealed that he had actually caused the Quantum War due to the Squin being unable to fulfill his true purpose for them: tools to conquer existence. Before he could destroy the Jaylot forces, the Source appeared to defend them. Xanea decided that he himself would deal with the Jaylot, and entered a portal straight to Jaylotia to destroy it, leaving the Source behind. When he arrived, Tekoguu appeared to fight him and warned the TJHE to flee the galaxy and settle at their colonies in the Maffei 2 galaxy. The battle between the two gods inevitably destroyed all of the Andromeda satellites and Tekoguu was victorious. Squald managed to take control of the Squin that remained in Maffei 2 and the Jaylot and other races such as the Oracan set up new colonies there. They all soon embraced Tekoism due to Tekoguu saving them from the Squin Hive, including the Squin who had previously been under mind control via nanobots by the Hive's government. Now that they were all allies, united by one ideology, and all in the same galaxy, they had to decide what to do next.

Holy Tekoist SuperempireEdit

Tekoguu, in his speech to the various races that survived the war, told them that Tekoism needed to stay united against the challenges and threats to come in the future. They decided to unite into the Holy Tekoist Superempire, which they call an "Empire of Empires". Because the Jaylot were first to embrace Tekoism and the fact that the head of the religion, the Seeker, is a Jaylot, they decided that the Jaylot kings should rule the new empire as emperor. King Jayken II was crowned by Ezvadi as the "Emperor of Emperors", or more commonly referred to as the "Holy Emperor".