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The Holy Tekoist Superempire is a superempire located in the Maffei 2 galaxy and consists of many smaller empires. It is ruled by the Holy Emperor (sometimes referred to as the Emperor of Emperors) who is always from the Jaylot royal family of Jogani, and king of the Jaylot. The rulers of the smaller empires have great autonomy in governing their own nations, but answer to the Holy Emperor.


There are six possible different types of states within the Holy Superempire, listed in order of authority:

  • The Empire of the Holy Emperor, which is highest rank and is always the Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire.
  • The Empire states, which are the largest nations within the Superempire and have greater authority and influence.
  • The Kingdom states, which are medium or small nations.
  • Vassal States, which are semi-independent states or colonies ruled over by any of the states above.
  • Non-Tekoist States, which are states that recently joined after meeting the requirements to do so and are not yet entirely in the Superempire but are still converting their people to Tekoism. There is very little these nations can do within the HTS.
  • Occupied states, which are just land occupied by the military of any member state, usually during times of war.

Member StatesEdit

Holy Empire

  • Tekoist Jaylot Holy Empire


  • Tekoist Soviet Squin Empire
  • Third Harco Empire
  • Oracan Empire
  • Bronze Hand


  • Tekoist Orcelio Shogunate
  • Various other species of Maffei 2

Requirements for JoiningEdit

The THS welcomes any nation to join them. The requirements are the following:

  • The nation must be Tekoist or at least willing to convert to it.
  • The nation must give up all, if any, ties to rival ideologies (such as Dzeerazza).
  • The nation CAN be a puppet state of a rival ideology and request that the HTS assist in a war of independence.
  • The nation must outlaw religions declared "evil" or "heretical" by the Seeker. (This is very rare and has never happened before. The HTS tries to stay tolerant.) The nation also can't outlaw religions not declared evil.
  • The nation can not heavily oppress its people, and must give them certain rights.
  • If the HTS notices poor conditions of the lives of the nation's people, the nation must allow the HTS to help improve the situation.
  • The nation can have any government, from Communism to Monarchy, as long as it doesn't follow a rival ideology.
  • The nation can not be a theocracy for any religion other than Tekoism.
  • The nation's leaders must recognize the Holy Emperor as their ruler and they must be Tekoist.


The Holy Tekoist Superempire was founded in the aftermath of the Great War of Andromeda. When Andromeda III and the other Andromeda satellites were destroyed in the battle between Xanea and Tekoguu, many of its inhabitants fled to the Maffei 2 galaxy. After seeing that Tekoguu had saved them from Xanea, the refugees adopted Tekoism and after rebuilding, formed the Holy Tekoist Superempire.