The Exiled One, the god who started it all.

Exilism is the religion primarily characterised by the worship of the Exiled One.  Once only worshipped by the Exiled One's creations and foreseen species, the MSR and several other empires, as well as many tribes and civilizations, have also taken up this religion.


Exilism has three major variations known as forms, although they still keep the same basic rituals and fundamentals.  Only the important beliefs differ from form to form.

Old ExilismEdit

Old Exilism is the oldest form of Exilism, dating back to the tribal stage of the Ala-Ik Empire, and is simply the belief that the Exiled One deserves worhsip for the many species that he created, be it directly or indirectly.  Basically, Old Exilism is a primitive version of the other forms of Exilism.

Despite this, it lives on, but only with 4 of the 6 surviving empires from the Fake Omniverse that now inhabit the new Exiled One's very subconscious, 3 of which are Spodumist-Exilist empires.

Distinguishing BeliefsEdit

There are no beliefs that set Old Exilists apart from other Exilists, but rather the lack of beliefs.  All beliefs they do have are the basics of other forms of Exilism, and their rituals are just like those of all the other forms, only at smaller scales, except within the Ala-Ik Empire.


The majority of the old Exiled One's creations were Old Exilist worshippers, even if it's a minority in their correspondant empire.


The only sub-form of Old Exilism is Spodumist Exilism, a political ideology and a version of Spodumism that principally focuses on the Exiled One.  Only three empires use it.

New ExilismEdit

New Exilism was made following the Great Sacrifice, an event used as an timeline divider in Exilist history during which the Exiled One assimilated almost all of his creations to try and render Amon, the leader of the Fallen, neutral and harmless.  As some of the Exiled One's creations were merely illusions to fill in for the real creations, which will develop billions of years later, (Or 100 million years later in the case of the Scoprion Brotherhood.) and some survivors corresponded to the species in the future, those survivors were merged with their future counterparts, and thanks to the knowledge of the past from this, the future Dobolorean and Yuurthunc Empires merged into the new Exiled One, which was only completed thanks to a copy of almost all of the old Exiled One's knowledge and memories.

New Exilism was first in use by the Exiled Zealots and the Exiled Flesh, the first creations of the new Exiled One.  From there, it spread to the Mothrai Empire, and eventually replaced Old Exilism in the Zoratheist Empire.

Following the Apocalyptic War, the amount of species following New Exilism exploded greatly, with the Final Swarm and the Holy Sect enlightening several tribal species that existed at the time, later causing an outbreak of civilizations and empires following New Exilism, and in modern times, empires such as the Exiled Hive, the Zorkrio-Hormescrid Empire, the MSR, the 2nd Zoratheist Empire, the Soviet Orcelio Dominion, the Romaen Empire and even the Norigahj Empire have some amount of New Exilist followers.  Because of this form's widespreadness, when Exilism is referred to, it usually means this form of it.

Distinguishing BeliefsEdit

The most important belief of New Exilism is of the existence of the Truth and the Lies. According to this philosophical view, there is a realm called the Truth where the Old Exiled One once lived, from which he and a small group of others brought the universe into existence and made whatever happened in it happen, which is part of the Lies. It is also believed that the Truth and the Lies rely on one another to remain balanced and existent, but it is also said that the two realms will clash at some point in the future, with the New Exiled One acting as a balance to keep both sides perfectly evenly divided. With the advent of Tekoism, however, Exilists also speak of Tekoguu as a diabolical entity who intends to one day disrupt the balance.

Another important belief is that there is no destiny or luck, but rather that all of existence was predetermined by the set of circumstances that began it. It has been said many times by some Exilist priests that if you know absolutely every condition that began an event or object, one may obtain an encyclopedic knowledge of it. This belief also includes the theory that people are the way they are because of the precise alignment of everything that interacted with them. Not even the slightest spec of matter is ruled out of this, for even it is influential towards everything else in one way of another.

A relatively important belief of New Exilism is Xikotsana, the Duality of Time.  It teaches that the universe is in a constant cycle of entropy and revival that has never started and will never end: 100 billion years when the laws of physics enter a "positive" state, and 100 billion years when they enter a "negative" state. The Hawkraptors (See Below) and the Queee are generally associated with this cycle.

Recently, it has also been revealed to outsiders of the religion that the Exiled One values purity and strives to bring about everlasting peace using a currently unknown way.  This revelation has proven that New Exilism is a religion in the name of the forces of good.


There is a high amount of followers of New Exilism, most being in the religion after the Apocalyptic War, being spread out in all levels of sapient life.


New Exilism has four variations: Zoratheism, Pilgrim Exilism and Post-Christian Exilism.


Zoratheism is an exilist pseudo-religion focusing on the fact that every galaxy has a god with the Exiled One as the leading diety started during the Iuty administration during the short-lived Mokodok Republic, in the shantytowns of the capital city.  A mokodok named Zora began spreading Zoratheism to the citizens, and soon enough, a rebellion took place, overthrowing the Republic and paving the way for the Zoratheist Empire.

However, when Zora let his brother Ojuika ascend to the throne, the new ruler inched away from Zoratheism, unofficially establishing his own version of exilism: Ojuikism. This in turn convinced leftist rebels to believe that Zora was a socialist and Ojuika was a corrupt theocratic tyrant, thus leading to the destruction of the Zoratheist Empire and the establishment of the Union of Soviet Zoratheist's Republic, where Zoratheism only referred to the working mokodok population in general and not the religion itself.

50 million years later, the only empire that officially follows Zoratheism in it's original form is the Torzova State, a break away state of the now defunct 2nd Zoratheist Empire.


Recognized as Zoratheist characteristics under Ojuika, the son and successor of Zora, Ojuikism is often seen as a religious political dictatorship that combines military rule with Exilism. According to Torzovan sources, "Ojuikism is a corrupt military dictatorship that only pays lip-service to Zoratheism and Exilism and uses such as justification to their inverted religious autocratic rule."

Pilgrim ExilismEdit

Pilgrim Exilists are the rarest group of Exilists yet, numbering only a dozen million believers, and they are exclusive to a small amount of Mothrai.  Their Exilist sub-form is identical to New Exilism, except that they go on a mass pilgrimage to the temple on Ex II every 4th of July of the primitive Gregorian calendar of Earth, the day that the old Exiled One's mortal form came into existence, as extra tribute to the Exiled One.

Post-Christian ExilismEdit

This form of Exilism was practiced by the Holy Sect during it's first hundred thousand years of existence.  It was basically New Exilism with Christian aspects, like church-like rooms in their temples and baptising the young in the name of the Exiled One.  It has since died out from abandonment of the sub-form, as Post-Christian Exilism was believed to be too Christian, and according to an Exilist book, the Exiled One forbids Exilists from practicing Human religions, as the gods associated with them aren't their gods, just as the Exiled One isn't the god of the Humans.


Zoradunism is a now-defunct form of Exilism used by the now-extinct 5th Shami, although what they called it is unknown.  It is a hybrid of New Exilism and the worship of the Ancients, focusing principally on a god called Zoradun, a hybrid between a Xel'Naga and a Hawkraptor.  Due to the fact that this is a hybrid with another religion, it is not classified as a variation of New Exilism, but is rather in a category of it's own.

The Twelve KeysEdit

During the reign of the Exiled Hive, since an incident with the Shami Faction Alliance that also started an alliance between them, specialized swarms looked for odd keys corresponding to the Ancients.  These keys are special, as they have important Exiled symbols on them, which match the symbols of the months of the Exilist calendar mentionned below.  However, four of them have black circles on them in the place of symbols.  It is theorised that these keys have some Zoradunist significance.  All twelve have been found and hidden, but since the Exiled Hive's collapse, their locations are unknown... Or at least until Anomière, the daughter of an Exiled Prophet named Khauvron, found them all with he help of her group of Exilists of many species, some unknown.  With these keys and the Spear Of The Exiled One, she unlocked a large gate-like door in a Zoradunist temple, releasing Zoradun, and after a conflict involving some personnel from a mostly Shami-based organization and an unknown being, Zoradun returned into the door, to be unlocked in Anomière's native time for unknown purposes.


Many languages spoken by Exilist species have been adapted to a script known as Chyrp.  It was originally concieved for a language spoken by the Hawkraptors, both of which will be made by them in several billion years.  An example of a language using this script is Rana-Zel-Zel-Ek, an initially oral language that was spoken by many of the former inhabitants of the planet Ak and is still used by the Free Hive Of Tzèoqàtl.


In addition, the Holy Sect has invented a calendar that has been adopted by many Exilist species for the last 50 million years.  This calendar has 8 months, each with 46 days, except the sixth, which has 44 days, but has a leap day, like a normal Gregorian calendar leap year.

Chivalric ExilismEdit

Chivalric Exilism is by far the most complex form of Exilism, and will be made by the Exiled Prophets from as early as their late Tribal stage.  While it has many shared beliefs as in New Exilism, it is distinguished from it by, from what can be gathered, it's chivalric aspect and it's resemblance to the Roman Orthodox Church.

Religious FiguresEdit


Some statues dating to the time of Emerex's betrayal. The Great Priests are shown next to the Exiled One in their forms prior to transformation.

Obviously, the top religious figure in this religion is the Exiled One, creator and overseer of many species that believe in his religion.  All other religious figures are not present in Old Exilism, and among them are the four Great Priests, known as the Heroic Saints in Chivarlic Exilism, who also happen to be the husbands of the four Queens of the Exiled Hive prior to the Apocalyptic War.  Each of these priests has had a significant role in the history of the Exiled One's species, and they, originally being different species, let themselves be transformed by the Exiled Hive into a form distinguishable from normal Exiled Zealots thanks to a custom DNA mixture.

It has also been said that at the very beginning of the next life period of the Omniverse, there will be eight powerful religious figures on the planet Ex II, that Chivalric Exilism refers to as the Saints Of Holy Congress.  In strange coincidence, a mysterious temple has been built on that planet that appears to be of great significance to the followers of the Exiled One.  It is widely regarded that they are religious figures of a significance just under the Great Priests.

The Three Exiled OnesEdit

Contrarily to popular belief, in the current universe, there is not one Exiled One, but instead three, all of which still exist to this day.

The Old Exiled OneEdit

The Old Exiled One is believed to be the author of this article once he dies.  Most of his actions and creations have been set in stone by the majority of what he has said, wrote and planned him to do, but still, there is a large percentage of his life that has not been determined, and during that time, he will be able to make his own decisions, and extending this freedom of will to all ambiguous individuals within the RP's multiverse.

The New Exiled OneEdit

The New Exiled One came into being after the Great Sacrifice, when the Old Exiled One sacrificed all of his power to Ybrs, the Yuurthunc whose hypnotic gases were made strong enough to temporarily affect Amon.  After it was revealed that many of the Exiled One's creations at the time were actually illusions of their real versions, which are still developing, a unimind of the future Dobolorean and Yuurthunc empires came to the present, and after assimilating a basic copy of the Old Exiled One's memories, became the New Exiled One.  Shortly after, he assimilated the other developing species and their home star systems.

This Exiled One is also indirectly responsible for the Apocalyptic War and the 50 million year time shift.  He assimilated the Fake Omniverse and 999 pocket realities that are similar to one another, and while the latter ended up in the Loop, 6 empires and 1 rebel group from the Fake Omniverse ended up in the Loop, but still, all the power that was assimilated made the Exiled One enter a 50 million year metamorphosis within a cocoon of powerful energy.  At around this time, Te'Tzaan and the Exilist Order Of Perfection began to plot war against the Rycarna Alliance, so the Final Swarm warned many empires of the threat, and that they would have to make time capsules to survive the Apocalyptic War.  Then, the disaster struck, and in a short 6 years, both sides were wiped out, followed by the carrying out of Te'Tzaan's final order, to wipe out all empires, by the United Fleet Of Space Pirates.  The very few survivors would go on to contribute to the Forgotten War.

The New Exiled One has since been awakened.  Before this occurred, it was proven by a pulse of energy breaking the seal on the energy cocoon that only affected the awakening Mothrais, giving them memory of their past and their Exilist faith.  When the New Exiled One did return, so did the Ala-Ik and their allies, although it is believed that these are not related to him in any way.  According to virtually every known Exilist source, the extent of his power and authority over this part of existence is unknown, and possibly limitless.

The Fake Exiled OneEdit

This Exiled One is a mirror image of the Old Exiled One starting with when he became a god and ending with the divergent point in history between the Fake and Real Omniverses.  Following the assimilation of the Fake Omniverse by the New Exiled One, he has been observing for 50 million years, occasionally interfering with Tribal and Civilization stages of some Exilist species and helping the Final Swarm and the Holy Sect in their goals, all the while learning of New Exilism.  He is now the Exiled One who interacts with mortals the most. It is also to note that the Fake Exiled One claims to have not helped preserve the Exilist faith among the Norigahj on purpose to prove something important regarding New Exilism.

The term Fake Exiled One also designates all parallel Exiled Ones, with the exception of the Source. These Exiled Ones are not present in every universe, being absent from a few, and have no major role outside of their parallel universes.

In despite of all of the Exiled Ones in all of the universes of the whole multiverse and beyond, only one entity is the one and true Exiled One. This entity holds unopposed authority over these planes of reality by right of dedication, contribution and memory. It is believed that this Exiled One is either the New Exiled One or an entity related to him.

Lesser Exilist GodsEdit

Some Exilist gods are not Exiled Ones.  These are those gods.

The EggEdit

This is what the Old and Fake Exiled Ones hatched from.  They are avatars of the Old Exiled One's pupal stage used to create the things in the Omniverse created by the Old Exiled One that are not of Exiled origin, be it in the past, present or future, even if one died before or came into being after the times of creation.  Both Eggs hid in an antimatter parallel of the Milky Way Galaxy, pretending to be God near an antimatter parallel of the Ala-Ik Empire.


This god was created by the Fake Exiled One in the image of his appearance as seen by another god in another universe, and as such, he is loyal to the Fake Exiled One.  Xaanu moved a universe created by the Egg and composed of a massive galaxy into the A.O.O universe, and has since left to the universe where he was created.

The HawkraptorsEdit

Once a related species to an Exilist creation that had to be moved to another planet by the Ala-Ik due to an aggressive relative species, following the Great Sacrifice in the Real Omniverse, they will become a godlike race similar, if not higher, in stature to the Ancients tens of billions of years from now.


Zoradun is the crossbreed of a Hawkraptor and a Xel'Naga.  It was venerated as a diety by the 5th Shami, but otherwise, very little is known of it.

The TetrahexEdit

The Tetrahex is an Exilist symbol of great significance generally composed of 4 or more crimson shapes, mostly triangles, positionned in a pattern pointing towards the middle.  The maximum amount of layers possible per form of Exilism distinguishes one form from another.  The standard 4-triangle Tetrahex is used in all forms of Exilism, but is the only kind in Old Exilism, and is commonly used to represent it.

The maximum variation of New Exilism includes an outer layer of trapezoid shapes referred to collectively as the Octahex, each part commonly being shown with a symbol from the Exilist calendar on it.  Also, the New Exilist Tetrahex's initial layer has each triangle associated with a circle on it, with a larger circle in the middle.  They are always either black or white.

However, in Chivalric Exilism, another outer layer composed of more triangles can be found, but these have no symbols.  These are actually to represent the 12 Sages Of Exilism, the most powerful priests of the Exiled Prophet Empire.