DDO 68 Galaxy, also known as A'va by the Inhabitants. Is a small, remote galaxy. It is the native home to 36 trillion Sonadic individuals as well to 24 trillion Lush specimens. However, despite the population of the galaxy being unusually small even for a dwarf galaxy, these sentient beings only flourish on ~25% of the galaxy. Which deems the rest of the galaxy completely inhabitable.

History Edit

Pre-Sonadic Ages Edit

Dating until approximately 550 MYA, DDO 68 was once inhabited by highly advanced technological beings that apparently exploited the galaxy as a bastion of defense. Astronomers found arrays of destroyed orbital rings around planets and Dyson spheres around stars. In the center of DDO 68 lays a crumbled colossal structure which geometrically resembles a vital military citadel. These beings are also suspected to be involved with the formation of the Galaxy's greatest anomaly: The Great Magnetic Distortion, which is the reason that a very large portion of DDO 68 is by every stretch uninhabitable, impassible and extremely radioactive. This is believed to be the end of the beings' presence and left the galaxy completely absent of any spice resource.

The Great Magnetic Distortion Edit

This event is also coined "The Explosion that Destroyed the Galaxy" and for a very good reason. The Great Magnetic Distortion is a field that spans up to 75% of DDO 68 in which it is impossible for life to flourish within the area. The extreme magnetism completely annihilated hyperlanes for warp-drives to function properly and propel beyond the speed of light. The radiation is so dense that even electronics will malfunction and ship hulls will not be able to stop it from entering the ship.