The Confederation Of The Triangulum Remnants
CTR Flag


Theocratic Republic


Kaavors, Dakiir

Head Of State

Archpatriarch Ilmaki Ahti

Past Heads Of State


Ruling Party

Clan Ahti








~20 years (as CTR. ~300 as Dakiir Union)

The Confederation of the Triangulum Remnants or the CTR is a union of the many clans of Dakiiriri, intelligent lifeforms descended from a creature similar to the horseshoe crab of Earth. The CTR resides in the remnants of the Triangulum Galaxy and has begun to expand into other galaxies.

History Edit

Tribal Era Edit

Dakiir, the homeworld of the primitive Dakiiriri, became the birthplace of the numerous clans that would compose the future Confederation. These clans, tribal and warlike in nature, constantly fought with each other. These wars continued for the majority of the era until an abandoned Black Claw sanctuary was discovered by the Ahti Clan. Believing the sanctuary to be created by an otherworldly power, the Ahti stopped believing in their pagan gods and began to worship the Black Claw's Shamanism. This "new" religion quickly spread across the Dakiiriri clans. The clans that did not worship the god were quickly destroyed and the ones that did follow it began to merge with the others.

Civilization Era Edit

Numerous cities began to appear on the planet, the most famous of these being the Ahti Clan's capital of Kaavors, a city constructed around the sanctuary. There was once again conflict between the clans, which was supported by the government but the religious community did not approve of it. Great revolutions began across the planet as government forces and religious rebels fought each other in the streets. Eventually, the Shamanists won as they were able to unite with other rebel groups from other nations. The entire world was under their control, and the clans decided to form one theocratic nation: the "Dakiir Union".

The Final Frontier Edit

After forming the Dakiir Union, the Clans of the nation set their focus to the stars. After the invention of the warp drive, the Dakiiriri began a mass colonization of the nearby stars, eventually coming into contact with another alien race. They were known as the Ykkul, a mammalian race that was ruled by a brutal dictator. Seeing how close the Union's territory was to theirs, the Ykkul declared war on the Dakiiriri. The Ykkul forces initially had the upper hand, and pushed the Union fleet all the way to Dakiir, where the Dakiiriri made a last stand. According to legend, every Dakiiriri prayed as they saw the battle overhead, knowing that if the fleet lost, they would be doomed. Though the Union fleet was outnumbered two to one, they managed to defeat the Ykkul and begin a counteroffensive that would eventually lead to the full annexation of their empire; the first real conquest for the Dakiiriri people.

Expanding across and beyond the Remnants Edit


A standard Dakiiriri citizen

The extensive military research done by the Ykkul was continued by the Dakiiriri and with it, they managed to expand across the galactic remnants. They gave each of the clans a specific amount of territory within the Union, and eventually reformed itself into the CTR. They remained isolationist for many years until they heard of a great war in the nearby galaxy of Andromeda. Deciding it was time to expand once more, the CTR gathered its forces and sent them through a wormhole gate, towards unknown territory...

Culture Edit

The Dakiiriri are still to this day have a rather tribal culture. They still celebrate important events such as the important week-long "Festival of the Return" and the election of the Archpatriarch in tribal clothing. Their culture is not as brutal as it once was before, the reason being their religion.

Religion Edit

The Dakiiriri are devout shamans, however, they worship a specific variant of the religion; the worship of the God Who Will Come. This can be attributed to the fact that the sanctuary found on their planet belonged to a Black Claw group that believed in this specific variation.

Language Edit

The Dakiiriri speak a form of insectoid that has been isolated from mainstream insectoid for a long time. Due to this, it is difficult to communicate with them without a translator.

Technology Edit

While CTR Technology is not as highly advanced as the Crypticnon's or the Squin's, it is still more advanced than the universal average. They are known to combine magic with their technology, much like the TJHE.(Page still under construction)

Military Edit

Government Edit

Formal Name: Edit

Confederation of the Triangulum Remnants

Government Type: Edit

Theocratic Republic

Ruling Clan Name: Edit


Archpatriarch: Edit

Ilmaki Ahti

High Council: Edit

Koso Pallas

Noii Saraste

Metsa Alkorpii

Ilo Nela

Alum Kall

Narii Ilpo

Vellam Siil

Notable Dakiiriri Edit

Ilmaki Ahti- Archpatriarch and leader of the CTR

High Council Members- Regulate the Archpatriarch and keep him in check. From the other seven major clans.

Kei Alkorpii- Rookie space captain that wishes to bring glory to his clan.