The Ala-Ik Empire


De Jure Absolute Monarchy, De Facto Oligarchical Monarchy



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Shaj'Var, Magoses Bloodline

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Magoses Dynasty


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The Ala-Ik were one of the three major races of the A.O.O, the two others being the Squin and the Janus, before going extinct. They had highly advanced technology that earned them a high reputation in the A.O.O's early days. Ala-Ik is not their real name, which has been lost to time, but it means First-Born in Exillic.

Natural HistoryEdit

  • The typical Ala-Ik citizen.
  • The smartest quadrupedal Ala-Ik ancestor. Some got domesticated.
  • An Ala-Ik from the Tribal era.
  • An Ala-Ik from the Civilization era.
  • The first ever Ala-Ik vehicle.
  • The average Ala-Ik soldier.
  • Ibrs, one of the Great Priests and the top Ala-Ik captain.Go to Ibrs' page.
  • The great Pirphuie, the Titan, the most advanced Ala-Ik weapon.Go to the page about Pirphuie, the Titan.
The Ala-Ik first started existing when the Exiled One found a passing meteorite, which happened to be part of the meteorite that hit the Janus homeworld, Kostka, seeded it with life, and made it hit the planet Ex I. From the microbes there, the earliest Ala-Ik ancestor evolved as an effective predator that was well-defended from competing species with it's sharp spikes.

Often having to chase prey to the shore, some eventually adapted flexible growths near the back to try and move in shallow waters, which would eventually become legs.  This new species would go on to spend more and more time ashore, hunted small animals, and would become quadrupedal predators that occasionally hunted in small packs. The remaining legged ancestors evolved into ant-like creatures that lived in hives and scavenged for meat.

The first quadrupedal species to have the mace-like tail that distinguishes the Ala-Ik and their ancestrial species ironically split off between those living closer inland and a subspecies living on the shores without any tail. The latter species were the ancestors of little-known sapient lifeforms that lived in the oceans of Ex I. The ancestors of the inland would eventually become more intelligent and sophisticated quadrupeds that hunted in large packs, which would become the Ala-Ik through a series of bipedal ancestors.

The Rise Of Ala-Ik CivilisationEdit

When the so-called Cro-Kegneon Ala-Ik, ancestors of the modern Ala-Ik, had come to be, they discovered that rubbing rocks together can make fire ignite, a discovery that had little use due to the hot temperatures on Ex I, the natural resistance to said temperatures by the native life, and the atmospheric composition of the planet.  As the modern Ala-Ik species developed, they also learned to attach sharp rocks to sticks to make axes, a technology that added strategic value to Ala-Ik hunting strategies in many ways, especially in conjunction with fire.

The earlier Ala-Ik tribes had lifestyles centered around the hunt and the aggressive assertion of dominance over rivals, until the development of agriculture by one particular tribe, which used it's crops, inedible to the Ala-Ik, to feed it's prey and make larger and more consistent meals, a system which would later result in the domestication of such animals and to the formation of the first complex Ala-Ik society, the common time accepted by historians being when the Exiled One first appeared to the Ala-Ik and appointed a permanent king to replace the previous system of overthrowing by defeat in battle.  This king was the original Ala-Ik to bear the name Magoses, and his descendants would become the Ala-Ik royal family.  The name of Magoses would be passed down to the king of each generation since, but the title of Ibrs, that of the previous king, would not have such an extensive legacy, until the name Ibrs was given to a later member of the Magoses royal family, as the original Ibrs was still remembered and accepted for his strength and durability.

The spread of this tribe's influence drove away many of the other tribes due to their dislike of this new way of feeding, which they felt to be a desecration of the hunt, and they thought badly of the Exiled One for doing away with the tradition of overthrowing for power.  Although most fled to the shores, some continued to the sea, floating on logs and makeshift rafts in hopes of finding an island and living there, but most tribes doing this instead found themselves on other continents altogether, where they would continue hunting, but they didn't leave without already having the knowledge needed to build a shelter and form social structures, but most still hunted to survive.

The early farming, however, would come to be embraced by all of those of the central continent on which the Ala-Ik evolved, and soon, multiple kingdoms were established, the first and greatest of which aside from the original being the prosperous city of Kegnea, a place that would later dominate trade on the continent as currency would become invented.  This time became known to be an era of conquest, as of the numerous farming villages to be founded soon after, four would rise to prominence, until a later Magoses began a campaign of war that conquered them to try and restore the honor of the old ways.  He spared Kegnea, which would later be allied with under the Magoses immediately after that one.

The Age Of ContactEdit

At this point in Ala-Ik history, the tribes of the main continent had advanced in technology reaching technological progress analoguous to the Middle Ages, and those of other continents would soon follow in their footsteps, with six defying their history and becoming kingdoms of their own. Every nation was exploring and exchanging technological discoveries with one another through trade, religions were spread around the world by missionaries, merchants and travelers, and Kegnea bloomed into a cultural and economic hub for the world, truly cementing it's place in the global community, but this brought with it the abandonment of old trade routes for more prosperous routes closer to the shores, and so stopped trading with the Kingdom Of The Magoses, as it would become known during this time in history, resulting in dropped relations and eventually, their alliance was severed within the next 50 years.

It was a time of peace and greatness until, like Magoses' domain so long ago, nations tried to conquer one another for more resources, a better reputation and strategic advantages over one another.  While the other kingdoms attacked each other for dominance, the Kingdom Of The Magoses re-allied Kegnea and allied the Kingdom Of Abbablier, which had established dominance of the home continent's east coast during these wars. A Magoses from later during this time was commanded by the Exiled One to allow the Kingdom Of Abbablier to conquer most of the world to bring order and end to the various warring kingdoms and to impose his religion, now dominant on the home continent, and so, with the profits of Kegnean trade with his domain, he secretly asked the king of Abbablier to invade the world's cities one by one, in return financing Abbablier's army, starting the Feeding Of Abbablier, known to have been known then as the Rise Of Abbablier.  This would carry on gradually for a little over a hundred years.

At the time of the modernisation of Ex I's kingdoms, under the orders of the Exiled One, the Magoses of the time reluctantly declared war on Abbablier on the sunrise of the Ala-Ik new year, with nothing more than the latest military technology and strong trade bonds with Kegnea.  Surprisingly to the world, they successfully conquered them with the help of the Holy Domain Of The Impatolo, an Ala-Ik nation on the northernmost continent that was already engaged in war against Abbablier by the time that they allied with the Kingdom Of The Magoses.

The two nations divided what was once Abbablier between themselves.  The three remaining nations would coexist peacefully and advance together as allies in all aspects of life until three decades later, when talks of unification went successfully and the Ala-Ik Kingdom was founded by the union of the Kingdom Of The Magoses, the city of Kegnea and the Holy Domain Of The Impatolo.  Two centuries later, roughly a century after the exploration of nearby space began, they would successfully launch the first of their first reusable spacecraft, the Hell's Passport.

In SpaceEdit

As the Ala-Ik Empire expanded, they fought many wars, but more alliances were made than wars. However, this fact can be explained by the fact that the Ala-Ik at the time were generally pacifist. Almost all of the wars that the Ala-Ik have fought have been won by them, and this was helpful to their expansion to locations in three of the arms of their home galaxy, the Milky Way. Eventually, they made a spatial bridge to the nearest galaxy, the Squin Galaxy, where they would have a small colonial presence and join the Anti-Grox Alliance, which would become the A.O.O. Their king even came up with the name of the Alliance Of Order. Further developments in the Ala-Ik's history can be seen here.


The Ala-Ik had pro-created with the Athenes before their extinction, creating a new breed of Ala-Ik resembling a rat. They have been recloned by the Exiled Hive, which uses them for non-sacrificial religious purposes. However, they have since gone extinct since the Hive Of Hives' destruction.  Nevertheless, the Ala-Ik persisted in Exilist legends.

Soon after the departure of the Queee, however, following negotiation with the New Dzeerazza Empire, the Ala-Ik from the Fake Omniverse emerged from a portal where Tzèoqàtl once existed, and soon claimed two arms of the Milky Way Galaxy and some territories in the Fried Egg Galaxy, notably establishing unusually advanced energy extraction devices as close to the galaxy's Galactic Core as they can reach.  The Ala-Ik have returned, and Exilist pilgrims from across the universe visit their empire.  This new iteration of a once lost civilisation had modernised their civilisation and once again made tremendous leaps in technological advancement while in the Loop.  Under a new king and a new light, the species once known as the Hellspino are now ready to compete alongside their allies from the Loop among the great powers of the known universe.