This page is for Ala-Ik events in the Fake Omniverse.

First Civil WarEdit

The first civil war was easy for the Ala-Ik, for the Ala-Ik were mostly neutral.

Second Civil WarEdit

During this period, Ibrs was the one who made most of the events happen. The Ala-Ik king covered the Double Janus Empire (That empire's real name is unknown, but it is known that it was a double monarchy lead jointly by the leaders of the Ala-Ik and Janus Empires.) with a forcefield to protect from danger while Ibrs joined Janus captain Han Zeek on an investigation with some bounty hunting along the way, only to discover that Suren Storeck, the former Porthex lord, was a Grox god. This would cause Squaven to go insane, starting off an Omniverse Bomb. Fortunately, the Ala-Ik king created a pocket reality far from the Omniverse and the forcefied was no longer needed. All of their colonies would be transferred there except for Ex I, the Janus homeworld, and a planet called Yukar-5. They would be transferred later, the day before the explosion.

The Mushroom ConspiracyEdit

When the Mushroom Pikmin attacked the A.O.O, the Ala-Ik and the rest of the Octagon Alliance got infected, but with a subspecies they made that is immune to the cure, but can be turned on and off with a switch in the Ala-Ik king's mind. Thanks to some special infected Ala-Ik, the Jongort and the Aurot got affected by this as well.

Rebel Wars And BeyondEdit

During the time when the Squin fought 3 rebel groups of their kind, the Squin Monarchy Group joined the Octagon Alliance secretly until the Squin were destroyed, and relations were established with the Spodum Empire, formerly the Mokodok Empire.  After the Omniverse got reunited, these relations proved to have gone away with the creation of the New Spodum Empire, as the Dobolorean Shield, the cause of the original Spodum Empire's destruction, was lead by the Doboloreans, which still supported the Octagon Alliance.  For this, said alliance got most of it's members destroyed by the Spods, and the war ended with the creation of the Spodumist-Exilist Empire.