Throughout the roleplay, there have been many eras. From the time of the great Alliance of Order, to the war that destroyed most life as we knew it. This page divides the history of the AOO into eras. Below is major events and the years and eras they occured in. For example, the first event in the list ("The Squin unite their homeworld Glaxon under Squaven's Communist rule") is listed with a 1 under the Unity Era. This means that event occured in the first year of the Unity Era.


(Also, many major events were likely missed but will be added later)

Exilist CalendarEdit

Squin CalendarEdit

The Unity Era Edit

1 - The Squin unite their homeworld Glaxon under Squaven's Communist rule

The First Squin Empire begins

62 - First Squin space colony

74 - First contact with the Onklebedonk Empire

123 - Tuunk and Oombrala War begins

Spode worship is banned in the Squin Empire

145 - Tuunk and Oombrala War ends with the Squin occupation of both their homeworlds

The Squin Spodification Group (SSG) is founded

201 - First Squin contact with the Grox

214 - The Squin and the Grox form the Squin-Grox Alliance

420 - The Squin-Grox Alliance is broken

The Grox War begins

427 - The Anti-Grox Alliance (AGA) is founded by the Squin, Grob, and Alphi

431 - The Harco and Estip join the AGA, forming the Big 5 of the AGA

471 - First Contact with the Ala-Ik

473 - The Ala-Ik join the AGA

477 - The Zelenay War begins, which is also known as the Frostaur War

478 - First Contact with the Janus

479 - The Janusian Order of Empires (an alliance lead by the Janus) allies with the AGA, forming the Alliance of Order (A.O.O), also ending the Unity Era and starting the Order Era

The Squin deploy forces to assist the Janus against the Frostaur - the first time Squin troops were deployed to another galaxy

The Order Era Edit

2 - The First Squin Civil War begins when the SSG attacks the Squin capital

The SSG leader is found and he summons Spode

The SSG leader and Spode attack the Squin capital, but are defeated by the Squin with the help of the Exiled One

6 - The Frostaur ally the Grox and become the Mechtaur

9 - The Frostaur are defeated, ending the Zelenay War

17 - The Zealot Deku Scrubs betray the A.O.O, starting the First War of Spodification

21 - The Squin attack the Spine Grox, who ally the Zealots, turning the First War of Spodification into the First A.O.O Civil War

The Janus leave the AOO to join the Spine Grox, forming the Spine Warriors of Raging Destruction (S.W.O.R.D)

23 - The Janus reveal they were on the side of the A.O.O all along, and attack S.W.O.R.D

The quick Krimn War starts by mistake and soon ends, with only one battle occuring

24 - S.W.O.R.D is down to the Nigonokoo and the Nightrai and the Spine Grox are let back into the A.O.O

25 - The Squin attack the Spine Grox again, starting the Second A.O.O Civil War

26 - The Second A.O.O Civil War ends with no victor

27 - Squaven II is born

45 - The Mokodoks, who have had chilly relations with the A.O.O for some time, blockade the Andromeda Galaxy

47 - Squaven II becomes the new ruler of the Squin Empire, Squaven I retires

Squaven II orders the Squin fleet to attack the Mokodok blockade, starting the Second War of Spodification

52 - The Mokodoks surrender, ending the Second War of Spodification, the bloodiest war in A.O.O history yet

53 - The SSG, upset that the Squin won the war (thus ruining the chance of the zealots converting them) destroyed Andromeda using the galaxy buster

The Squin Empire flees to the Andromeda II galaxy, forming the Second Squin Empire

The Squin begin the reconstruction period to rebuild their empire

56 - The Squin re-ally the Grox, finally ending the Grox War, which lasted over 100 years

97 - The infection created by the Mushroom Pikmin spreads, starting the Mushroom War, forcing the Squin to end the reconstruction period

106 - The cure is found, turning the war in the A.O.O's favor

109 - The Mushroom War ends with the total defeat of the Mushroom Pikmin

The Mushroom Pikmin are set free, but cede half their empire to the A.O.O, and have their leader executed

116 - The four-way Second Squin Civil War begins between the Communist Squin government, the SSG, the Squin Democratic Group (SDG), and the Squin Monarchy Group (SMG) (Which wanted to re-establish the Squin monarchy that was overthrown by Squaven during the Squin civilization stage),

However, the alternate Xanea from the Fake Omniverse arrived and personally crushed the rebellion

133 - The Squin enter yet another civil war when Squaven I unsuccessfully attempts to kill Squaven II to regain power

Squaven II creates a new monarchist rebel group

136 - Squaven is killed and Squaven II reforms the Squin into a monarchy

141 - Yet another civil war breaks out due to the majority of the citizens wanting the return of Communism

144 - The Communist rebels are victorious and Squaven II flees

156 - The A.O.O collapses into 3 factions

165 - The Apocalyptic War begins

171 - The Apocalyptic War ends, with the destruction of most known life, except for a few races' DNA samples which were kept safe inside escape pods

The Forgotten Era Edit

The area is devoid of the roleplay's more well-known races for 50 million years

The Awakening Era Edit

1 - The races emerge from their pods and create new civilizations

The Glaxar Squin arrive from the past and take over the newly awakened Squin, creating the Glaxar Squin Empire

120 - The old Squin government arrives from Xanea's personal pocket dimension with a fully rebuilt empire

The old Squin attack the Glaxar Squin with the help of the recently rebuilt Jaylot Kingdom, starting the Glaxar War

126 - The Glaxar War ends and the two allies discover the quantum bombs the Glaxar were creating

The Squin-Jaylot Cold War begins

141 - The Squin-Jaylot Cold War turns into the Quantum War, which destroys the Andromeda II galaxy in a few short weeks

A few Jaylot survivors flee and a few Squin are genetically modified and put into escape pods which crash on a Xanea-created copy of Glaxon in the Andromeda III galaxy

348 - The new Squin reach space stage, lead by a mysterious "copy" of Squaven, who forms the Squin into the Squin Hive

418 - The new Squin begin attacking the nearby former Andromeda satellites